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A Visual Exploration

I take my perspective as a Black Woman existing in America to hash out what is, what was, and what could be. In sharing these experiences, I find solidarity, and with my art, I speak across disciplines to tap into who we are and how we can move forward. Art allows me to project my emotions and permits conversation between myself and the audience to showcase where I am passionate, broken, and free. Through color, movement, and shape, I create dynamic and loud pieces that explore my own perspective in the larger context of societies inequities and depict those imbalances across mediums. I invite others into my raw experiences as simultaneously powerful, weak, and beautiful. My work encompasses everything that I see within myself and how I experience the world around me; from the beam of light through the trees to the kink of a curl. I build visual studies that explore each of my experiences and through art, I am able to showcase those emotions through intentionality and discovery.

Makayla Binter is represented by Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art. 

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